This is a SUNDAY ONLY qualifier event.  All classes will be run on Sunday March 31. 

If you are under 18 years old your legal guardian must sign a minor waiver

Gate Times:

  • Thursday 5:00pm
  • Friday 7:00am
  • Saturday 6:30am
  • Sunday 6:30am
  • Close nightly at 10:00pm

Grassroots MX, LLC

Loretta Lynn's AQ

  • If a rider is 17yrs of age of under and parent or legal guardian will NOT be with the rider at the event, he/she must have the Minor Release and Waiver of Liability Parental Consent Form signed by the parent or legal guardian and the minor.  This form must be  notarized to be accepted.   
  • A minor child will not be able to race  without this notarized waiver. 

If you did not qualify for the Regional Championships, you can register as an Alternate. Information is listed at  under Alternate Information.


  • Online sign-up is through RMX Series
  • Open until Saturday March 31st - 6:00pm
  • Race fees only.  Practice, admission, camping and MX Sports fee will be paid for at the track.
  • ​Cash only at the track


AMA Membership is REQUIRED to race the Loretta Area Qualifier.  
Purchase or renew your membership at

Memberships and Day Passes will be available at the track during race registration.



  • RMX Practice - all riders welcome.  No memberships required.
    • Big Bikes: 8:00am - 12:00pm
    • ​Mini Bikes: 1:00pm - 4:00pm


Bunker Hill MX is hosting RMX Series Saturday March 30th   This is a local event and is not AMA sanctioned. All riders are welcome to participate in this event. details can be found at 


All classes will be run Sunday March 31st  .  

  • Saturday March 30: 10:00am - 8:00pm
  • Sunday March 31st : 6:30am - 7:45am
  • Current AMA Membership Required
  • All riders,  will be required to check-in at registration to sign the appropriate waivers. 
    • ​Riders 17yrs old or under - please see minor release info below. 
  • $40.00 per class
  • $10.00 MX Sports Qualifying Fee (per clss)
  • ​$5.00 late fee after 7:45am


​​Bunker Hill Motocross



  • Thursday Arrival: $30.00
  • Friday Arrival:     $20.00
  • ​Saturday Arrival: $10.00

A Grassroots MX Facility


  • Thursday 5:00pm  thru Saturday 3:00pm
    • ​$20.00 13yrs & up
    • ​$10.00 6-12yr​s
  • ​Saturday 3:00pm - Sunday 5:00pm
    • ​$10.00 13yrs & up
    • $5.00 6-12yrs


Mid West Area Qualifier

  • Registration : 6:30am-7:45am
  • $40.00/class
    • ​$5.00 late fee after 7:45am
  • ​$10.00 MX Sports Qualifying fee
  • Rider's Meeting
    • 7:45am - Mandatory - All Riders
  • Practice: 8:00am
  • Racing Begins: approx 9:00am
    • ​Race order available approx 8:30am
  • MyLaps ​Transponders will be used for this event.
    • ​$100.00 cash or credit card deposit required.
      • ​Refundable when transponder is returned
      • ​No rental fee, just the deposit.
  • ​Live timing at