​​Bunker Hill Motocross

2017 Bunkerhill MX Schedule 


PRACTICE: $25.00 - CASH only

Next Race:

To Be Announced

Minor Practice Waiver

and Assignment of 


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  • ​​Saturday October 28th
  • ​9:00am - 3:00pm
  • Mini Bike Split: 
    • Top of every hour beginning at 10:00am.  85cc & below

Riders under 18yrs old

Open Practice

Minor Child Info


Full prep and water

If a rider is under 18yrs old and a parent or legal guardian cannot attend the practice or race  with their child, you must complete the Minor Practice Waiver and Assignment of Responsibility.  

  • This form must be notarized to be a valid document.  
  • Rider will not be able to participate without these completed forms.